Dr. Ferguson’s Summary of OBS Medication Changes

Dr. Ferguson’s Summary of OBS Medication Changes

In an effort to enact ARCI medication guidelines before legislative action this spring, OBS has changed some of its medication protocols.  Other changes are forthcoming in later sales that will conform to ARCI guidelines across the board.


Meds That Warrant Return:

  1. Anabolic steroids administered within 45 days.  Only Winstrol, Equipoise, Testosterone, and Nandrolone are permitted.
  2. Undisclosed meds administered within 72 hours of tack show or sale.  Technically, state law allows return for any meds detected at any level.  So, report any and all meds given within the last two weeks.
  3. Any detection of RCI *Class I or II meds, Procaine, or Lasix.
  4. Clenbuterol administered within 14 days or any other bronchodilator within 72 hours.

*Class I or II drugs include obvious opiates and also Reserpine, Prolixin, and Carisoprodol.  Beware that herbal remedies may contain prohibited substances.


Procedures that Warrant Return:

  1. Shockwave.
  2. Acupuncture or electro stimulation for laryngeal dysfunction.
  3. Electrical devices
  4. ANY invasive procedure which intentionally masks a defect or lameness.
  5. Internal blister of knees.

Penalties (Fines and/or Suspension):

  1. NSAIDs or bronchodilators (excluding Clenbuterol) above threshold levels.  Basically, one can give Bute or Ketophen 24 hours from TIME OF WORK (Banamine 32 hours from work), and ONE other 48 hours out.  Equioxx has a suggested withdrawal of 14 days; Surpass 48 hours.
  2. More than one corticosteroid.  Depo Medrol, Predef, Betamethasone, and Vetalog suggested withdrawal 7 days; Dex 72 hours; Prednisolone 48 hours.  Can only have one present at tack show time.
  3. Any medication within 24 hours of tack show.


  1. No joint injections on sale grounds allowed.
  2. Horses can still be treated as usual after tack show, but meds must be reported. This still includes no more than two NSAIDs and one corticosteroid.