Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Updates

Starting November 1st the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory will be running Endocrinology testing on equine, canine and feline samples. VDL will also be running Progesterones, T4’s, and T3’s for now. If there is a demand, other endocrine testing will be added as well. All other endocrinology testing will be sent to B.E.T. in Kentucky.

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Good morning!  It’s a brave new day!  If you need a little extra courage, come in for a dark chocolate brownie with walnuts, topped with ganache.  Hey, it’s a start.  Nicholle will give you a smile–or a swift kick, if you prefer.  Many of you have met her.  She’s now in the office ready to […]

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Horace Osborne “Sam” Ferguson, III, DVM

Welcome to Our New Website

Dear Friends, Welcome to our new website and a more vibrant equine hospital than ever!  Celebrating over 30 years of serving you and caring for the horse, I have grown in expertise, experience, and extraordinary appreciation for our most valuable players … YOU and THE HORSE. Take a look at our breakthroughs and ongoing studies […]

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