NEW – Exclusively for our clients, online shopping and access.

Dear Friends and Clients:

We’re pleased to announce the new client portal on our website, which allows you to shop, access your records, and pay your bill online.

  • Shop–Our online pharmacy is now available, exclusively for you, our clients!  You can shop online, and pick up an order in-house the same day, or have it shipped directly to your door. 
  • Access Your Records–Our new, cloud-based billing system is now accessible to you.  You can verify the date of your last coggins or check to see which ankle was sore.  And if you want to view X-rays, we’ll give you a link that allows you to take a look.
  • Pay Your Bill Online–You can check your balance, the breakdown of charges, and make a payment online.

You want the best return you can get on your time and money.  We want to give it to you.  We can do that!

Ready to go?  Just call the office at (352) 622-6199 or e-mail for your username and temporary password.

Our most valued players are you and the horse.  And we want to make sure you feel that way!


H.O. Ferguson, DVM

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